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Playground Plus, so whats the story?

The following email was sent to the angel mailing list regarding Playground Plus and its future.

From: Silver <>
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2000 12:16:31 +0100 (BST)
Subject: [EW-List] Playground Plus comment (was intercom dns stuff)
On Fri, 4 Aug 2000 wrote:
> I thought you might be planning to put it into another PG+ release.  Sorry for 
> the confusion :-) 
Ahh right. 
For the record, PG+ is dead. I don't intend on decompressing the archive,
changing anything, recompressing it and putting it out under a different
version number. I simply don't have the time.
I will however occasionally release patches for any serious bugs that I or
others find, put some new code in the library and answer some questions
provided they're posted to the right place (ie. PG+ discussion board or
here to this list). However thats occasionally, since i dropped pg+ i've
released i think 2 patches and 3 bits of code to the library - ie. not
much at all. I really do not have the time.
I'll leave you with the quote from PGPLUS.bugs helpfile in the 1.0.10
As from 1.0.10 Playground Plus is now unsupported. Why? Well to be honest
there is far too many talkers around these days which show little or no
imaginitivity run by admins who have no idea what they are doing and
"coders" who haven't touched the code at all or have modified a few things
willy-nilly and then blamed me when it all falls apart.
There also seems to be far too many people out there who, despite getting
hold of many hours worth of coding effort take it upon themselves to
deliberately break the licence conditions (such as removing credits) in an
effort to make the code look a little less out of the box. My message to
those is that if you don't like free code, start from the beginning
yourself and then you can credit whoever you like.
Coupled with people assuming that my talker is a drop in pg+ helpdesk
(which it is not) and harassing residents and staff for help, sites or
whatever and those who seek to take the code, make a few modifications and
pass it off as their own, maintaining a basecode becomes less appealing.
Of course, not all talkers are like this. But unfortuntely frequent pg+
revisions gave people the ability to ride on the updates without actually
coding anything for themselves and has lead to a very large number of base
talkers (sometimes not even configured properly) run by people who know
nothing about the code.
Thats why I've thrown in the towel. PG+ won't be around forever. To be
honest a lot of the code is shoddy and nothing short of a rewrite will
manage to fix it. But now that everyone and his dog seems to be writing a
basecode that will "kick pg+'s ass" I'm sure that one day we'll all be
using something else.
Hope that clears everything up.
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