Playground Plus v1.0.11
A fully functional and freely downloadable multi-user realtime elsewhere-too talk server for UNIX

Playground Plus code library

Welcome to the Playground Plus code library. This is a page which offers you several snippets of code which can help or enhance your talker. Before you download any code please be aware of the following:

If you would like to have your code listed here, please mail the code or, if it is particulary big, a link to the code to with a short description of what it does. We cannot guarantee that your code will be included and inclusion may take a long time.

Gives residents the ability to type "help talkers" and view the most popular talkers, their rank, the number of people connected and their address taken directly from Grims talker list and automatically updated every hour.
Size: 2k (2757 bytes)     Last updated: Oct 25 2002
Patch to upgrade the intercom to v1.1.7 on PG+ 1.0.11 distributions.
Size: 16k (17191 bytes)     Last updated: Sep 4 2002
A multi-threaded DNS resolver for Playground Plus talkers
Size: 4k (4673 bytes)     Last updated: Feb 15 2002

Function backtracing code. When the talker crashes it will inform you of what functions were called directly before to assist in debugging. (Warning: Makes large numbers of changes to your source code, read instructions carefully!)
Size: 6k (6406 bytes)     Last updated: Jan 3 2002

Simple dice game. Players roll the dice and win money depending on the combination that comes up.
Size: 10k (11054 bytes)     Last updated: Jan 3 2002

The very basics you need to get coloured names on your talker. This code is incomplete in the sense that not every place when a name is displayed is modified to show it coloured. This is a fairly large job and is hence left to the coder of the talker to do. Extensive testing before going live with this code is definately recommended. (updated to v1.3 by stratocaster)
Size: 14k (14737 bytes)     Last updated: Dec 21 2001

An update to the TTT code to allow residents to play against the computer
Size: 5k (5240 bytes)     Last updated: Nov 21 2001

Adds additional functionality to the intercom and ichan so that people can use possessive emotes.
Size: 1k (1419 bytes)     Last updated: Nov 21 2001

Simple and hacky perl script which, when given a talker command, will tell you which function it relates to and where it can be found (filename and line number).
Size: 1k (1266 bytes)     Last updated: Oct 26 2001

Takes the PG+ helpfiles and converts them into HTML format so that people can read them on your website.
Size: 4k (4982 bytes)     Last updated: Sep 12 2001

An invisibility patch for PG+
Size: 17k (17704 bytes)     Last updated: Apr 11 2001

Perl eliza bot for usage on ewtoo talkers. Can cope with room conversations and direct tells, can join in randomly on conversations and can focus its attention on individuals to give the impression it is "listening" to them. See here for more information.
Size: 68k (69988 bytes)     Last updated: Aug 17 2001

This patch implements coloured prefixes. Prefixes can be just as long as they originally were. You do not need to perform any conversion of existing player files.
Size: 2k (2087 bytes)     Last updated: Aug 3 2001

This function will log to a file what commands are missing helpfiles on boot up of the talker. The list is written to a log ("awol.log") which is overwritten every time the talker starts so it does not become very big.
Size: 1k (1707 bytes)     Last updated: Jul 18 2001

Simple perl script which automatically comments #else and #endif's so they can be easily attributed to their #if, #ifdef and #ifndef partners.
Size: 0k (912 bytes)     Last updated: ul 18 2001 c

A cleaner and more presentable version of clist.h for Playground Plus 1.0.11. Users will not notice the difference, but it makes life a little easier for the coders! If you have made modifications to the clist.h file, then a perl script is included to help generate a clean version for you.
Size: 15k (16209 bytes)     Last updated: Aug 9 2001

Three functions in this archive: set_aim - allows a player to set their AOL instant messenger screen name and have it show in their examine and finger files, view_player_aim - lists the aim names of all online players who have an aim name set and html_who() - makes an HTML document, showing who's online, their URL, ICQ, and AIM (if set). URL's are clickable, and AIM names, if clicked, will add that name to your buddy list if you have AIM.
Size: 4k (4563 bytes)     Last updated: Jul 5 2001

Enhances the dump log output by providing a backtrace showing the last functions executed before the talker crashed. This can be a useful aid when trying to debug your code. Only works under Linux.
Size: 5k (5473 bytes)     Last updated: Jun 7 2001

Updates the intercom code to allow users to set informs for people on remote talkers. Features the ability to be informed of one person at multiple sites, everyone at certain talkers, friends list informing and temporary muffling of informs and reconnections. Requires this code to be installed at both talkers to work.
Size: 8k (8869 bytes)     Last updated: May 11 2001

An alternative seamless reboot implementation.
Size: 5k (5157 bytes)     Last updated: Jan 25 2001

This is a simple bit of code, it emulates a moodring, by picking a random color, and then picking one of 3 random messages for each color. Each color is a different mood, and the messages correspond to those moods.
Size: 2k (2914 bytes)     Last updated: Jan 16 2001

An additional bit of code that makes it harder for individuals to crack superusers passwords
Size: 1k (1766 bytes)     Last updated: Oct 15 2000

The popular Connect 4 game for your talker.
Size: 9k (9958 bytes)     Last updated: Jul 18 2000

The popular hangman game for your talker.
Size: 11k (11732 bytes)     Last updated: Jul 18 2000

An updated Swear Filter for PG+.
Size: 3k (3147 bytes)     Last updated: May 26 2000

A simple external perl script that will check that your talker is running a number of minutes after a problem occurs and a reboot is initiated (seamless or full shutdown). If the talker isn't running after that time has elapsed (or is running and has hung) then the script will email a message to a user-defined set of addresses for people to act on.
Size: 5k (5783 bytes)     Last updated: Jun 22 2000

A replacement "list_minsters" command which also shows peoples idle times.
Size: 1k (1435 bytes)     Last updated: Mar 6 2000

A cosmetically and technically improved 'Last X connections' list. Sports some additional features as well as far less memory usage and calculation of average login time & etc.
Size: 8k (8978 bytes)     Last updated: Feb 8 2000

A simple set of tools which automates the unbarring, updating and cleaning up of the intercom database. Also includes additional functionality to the "intercom list" command and fast rebooting of the intercom server when it goes down.
Size: 6k (6582 bytes)     Last updated: Jan 12 2000

A replacement "privs" function for PG+.
Size: 3k (3491 bytes)     Last updated: Jan 29 2000

A function which converts PG+ colour codes (^R, ^G etc.) to HTML colour codes.
Size: 2k (2238 bytes)     Last updated: Jan 10 2000

A new style "staff" command for talkers with only a small number of superusers and admins. It avoids the case of having large gaps between the ranks.
Size: 3k (3597 bytes)     Last updated: Dec 7 1999

A simple function which returns the number of characters in a string ignoring the additional characters taken up by colour codes (such as ^R, ^N etc.)
Size: 1k (1138 bytes)     Last updated: Jul 16 1999
A new resolve() which is useful for talkers running on BSD systems in which gethostbyaddr() causes extreme hanging or blocking of the talker.
Size: 1k (1209 bytes)     Last updated: Aug 20 1998

Allows you to play battleships against another person on the same talker.
Size: 9k (9515 bytes)     Last updated: Mar 1 1999
Alarm clock code for the residents to use.
Size: 5k (5628 bytes)     Last updated: Dec 14 1998

Provides better debug information by allowing you to run gdb without user intervention (to help fix those irritating crashing bugs that have no obvious pattern).
Size: 3k (3740 bytes)     Last updated: Nov 27 1998

A diff file which makes a few cosmetic changes to the "last" command. It allows for a more accurate count and showing of the number of past logins rather than defaulting to the LAST_SHOW value.
Size: 0k (969 bytes)     Last updated: ov 27 1998 l

The problem with the count_items() function is that it only counts the number of different items you have, not the total. This function does though.
Size: 0k (839 bytes)     Last updated: ov 27 1998 c
An enhanced search command which allows you to list residents who have a git comment, certain amount of cash, were made resident by someone and much more.
Size: 17k (17500 bytes)     Last updated: Aug 9 1998

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